Addtional Important Information
1. Death Certificate: A Death Certificate may be obtained from the local Registrar, to find out who this is, you need to speak to the deceased persons General Practitioner, Nursing Home Doctor, Hospital Mortuary Technician or the Coroner involved. Costs of
certificates: €6.98 for the first copy, €5.08 for each additional copy and €0.89 for Social Welfare purposes (you must state the purpose for which this is required). If a post-mortem has taken place it could take anytime from 3 months onwards for the Coroners/inquest report to be established, you should contact the Coroner involved in relation to this. If you need an Interim Death Certificate in the mean time, the Coroners Office will issue this at a cost of €10.00 per copy.

2. Bereavement Grant: There is a Bereavement Grant available, application form and explanatory booklet may given to you at the time of the Funeral Arrangements or may be obtained for any of our offices. You will need a copy of the Death Certificate/Interim Death Certificate and Funeral Invoice for this grant (this is not a means tested grant).

3. Death Benefit: The Death Benefit is a Social Welfare Grant this grant is to help towards the cost of the funeral expenses. The person that is applying for this should apply to the Social Welfare Officer at their local Health Centre, they should bring along a copy of the Death Certificate/Interim Death Certificate and a copy of the Funeral Invoice (this is a means tested grant).

4. Old Age Pension Books: Pension Books should be returned to the local Post Office. If there is either a husband or wife left behind and they are not divorced or legally separated they would be entitled to the deceased persons pension in full for a further 6 weeks. However, the pension book should be returned to the Post Office as soon as possible after the death has occurred and the 6 week pension will be sent to them in full within 2-3 weeks.

5. Widows/Widowers Contributory & Non Contributory Pensions: The application forms and explanatory booklets may be given to a family member at the time of the funeral arrangements or may be obtained from any of our offices.

6. Carer's Allowance: If a family member/friend is on Carer's Allowance, when the death of the person they are claiming for occurs the person claiming Carer's Allowance is entitled to the allowance for a further 6 weeks. However, they must notify the Social Welfare Officer in question and he will post them the 6 week allowance in full within 2-3 weeks of notification.

7. Widowed Parent Grant: A Widow Parent Grant is a once off payment of €1270.00 this grant for a child up to the age of 18 years or a child between the age 18 and 22 years in full time education. To find out more on how to qualify telephone 01 874 8444 and ask for the Department Pension Services Office, Widowed Parent Grant Scheme (explanatory leaflets also available at any of our offices).

8. Probate: If an estate is to go to Probate it is recommend that a family member/executor or solicitor should do this. If you wish to contact the Probate Office 01 888 6174 they will assist you in every possible way they can and send out all the relevant application forms and explanatory leaflets.

9. Payment of Funeral Invoice: Funeral Invoices should be paid for within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Should a funeral account go toprobate/solicitor any available funds in Banking Financial Institutions can by law be paid direct to the Funeral Undertaker on presentation of the invoice to that institution.

Not everyone needs bereavement counselling. However, should the need arise please find below a list of some helpful organisations.

Bereavement Counselling Service
Dublin 13,
Greater Dublin Area, Carlow and Newbridge.
Tel: 01 839 1766
Website: www.
Herber, (An umbrella organisation for Hospice Bereavement Groups),
C/O Irish Hospice Foundation,
9 Fitzwilliam Place,
Dublin 2.
Tel: 01 676 5599
Irish Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
Carmichael House,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7.
Tel: 01 822 4688/872 6996
Irish Sudden Infant Death Association
Carmichael House,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7.
Tel: 873 2711
Helpline: 1850 391 391
Irish Widowers and Deserted Husbands Association
54 Foster Terrace,
Dublin 3.
Tel: 01 855 2334
National Association of Widows in Ireland
12 Upper Ormond Quay,
Dublin 7.
Tel: 01 677 0977/677 0513
National Suicide Bereavement Support Network
Community Centre,
Main Street,
Co. Cork.
Tel: 024 95561
Rainbow Ireland Ltd
(helps children bereaved by parental death),
National Office,
Loreto Centre,
Crumlin Road,
Dublin 12.
Tel: 01 473 4175
Solas Bereavement Counselling for Children
Christchurch Square,
Dublin 8.
(Mon~Fri 10.00 -12.00 hrs)
Bray Bereavement Support Group
Sr. Sheila O'Kelly,
Loreto Convent,
Vevay Road
Tel: 01 286 8413
Greystones Cancer Support Group
Mrs Kathleen Kellegher,
La Touch Place,
Co. Wicklow.
01 287 1601
Bethany Bereavement Support Group
The Ministry,
Our Lady of Victories,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin.
01 285 4667


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Cork Co. Boro.(021) 435 0020
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Donegal (NW)..(075) 312 33
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Sligo........(071) 428 86
Tipperary (N). ...(067) 31219
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Tipperary (E). ..(0504) 312 78
Waterford (E) . ..(051) 381 390
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Waterford Co. Boro. ..(051) 859 999
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