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Patrick O'Donovan & Son can now offer you "Serenity", the Advanced Funeral Arrangements Plan. If you have ever had to arrange a funeral after someone you know has died you'll appreciate how traumatic and difficult it can be. The countless arrangements, the decisions that have to be made and at this most difficult time of your life. Every day husbands, wives, sons, daughters and relatives are in this situation. They ask the same question "Are we doing the right thing? Is this what Dad would have wanted? Are we spending too much? Where will we find the money to pay for this?"

An "Advanced Funeral Arrangements Plan", arranged through Bank of Ireland is a simple and practical way to spare the people you love the anxiety, stress and financial worry at an emotional time. It also spares you worry, because like making your will, arranging your plan allows you to get on with your life knowing that whatever happens, everything has been taken care of. Michael O'Donovan is happy to discuss the tailoring of your personal "Serenity Plan" with you and guide you through the options available.

By adopting this plan which is open to all ages, and of which there are no doctors or medical reports required, there is financial benefit as the price you pay now, covers the cost of your funeral no matter how far into the future that time is.

Other Services Include:
Acknowledgment/Memorial Notices in all National, International and Local Newspapers
Serenity Prepaid Funeral Arrangements Plan
Memorial, acknowledgment, and book marker cards
Headstones, and inscriptions
Artificial wreaths and flowers
Grave dressings and replanting
Outgoing / incoming overseas shipments

We also provide wedding day services to include:
Chauffeur driven white Daimler convertible limousines
Chauffeur driven black Mercedes limousines
Chauffeur driven black and silver saloon Mercedes cars
Ribbons (colour of your choice)
Red Carpets
Church Music

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