Our Services
One of the most stressful times in anyone's life is when the death of a loved one occurs. It is at this time when we need the assistance of professionals such as Michael O'Donovan and his team, that we most appreciate the added bonus of the "personal touch". We need to feel that our great loss is understood and that there is someone capable of interpreting our precise needs. The myriad of arrangement that have to be made at this time can and will baffle the most of us. However, Michael O'Donovan will relieve you of that burden by giving you the complete and comprehensive service your loved one justly deserves from laying out of the remains to the church service, the purchasing and opening of the grave, in fact all the arrangements necessary

Services Provided
- Laying out and preparation of remains
- Funeral Homes
- Purchasing of new grave
- Opening of grave
- Cremation
- Death notices in all National, International and   Local Newspapers
- Radio announcements
- Internet announcements
- Embalming, hygiene and sanitation
- Organist, singers, harpists and guitar players or whatever music chosen
- All types of flower arrangements
- Condolence books
- Mass Cards
- Organizing of the Church Service, readings etc.
- Hearse and mourning coaches
- Paying the clergy and relative gratuities
- Funeral reception at your choice of destination
- Grave markers
- Dressing of grave
- Information on death certificates and grants

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